BUSSIO AND OTHERS v. ITALY (European Court of Human Rights)

Communicated on 9 January 2019


Application no.6561/10
Vanda ZoiaBUSSIO and Others
against Italy
lodged on 24 November 2009


The applicants complain that Section 6 of Law no. 14/1985, as interpreted by Law no. 244/2007, constituted a legislative interference with pending proceedings which was in breach of their fair trial rights under Article 6.


Did the applicants have a fair hearing in the determination of their civil rights and obligations, in accordance with Article 6 § 1 of the Convention? In particular, was there an interference by the legislature with the administration of justice designed to influence the judicial determination of a dispute? If so, was the interference based on compelling grounds of general interest? Lastly, was the interference compatible with the principles of legal certainty (see ex multis, Zielinski and Pradal and Gonzalez and Others v. France [GC], nos. 24846/94 and 34165/96 to 34173/96, § 57, ECHR 1999‑VII,Agrati and Others v. Italy, nos. 43549/08 and 2 others, § 58, 7 June 2011, and Maggio and Others v. Italy, nos. 46286/09 and 4 others, § 45, 31 May 2011)?


The parties are invited to indicate, by explaining the calculation methods employed:

  • the amount that should have been perceived by the applicants, in the absence of the law in question, from the date of their retirement until now ;
  • the amount actually perceived by the applicants from the date of their retirement until now.


No. Firstname LASTNAME Birth year Nationality Place of residence
1.        Vanda Zoia BUSSIO 1926 Italian Turin
2.        Leonardo AVELLONE 1943 Italian Turin
3.        Alida BASSANESE 1944 Italian Turin
4.        Arielle BASSANESE 1946 Italian Turin
5.        Ezio BASSANESE 1939 Italian Turin
6.        Giorgio BOSCO 1931 Italian Turin
7.        Giustina CAENAZZO 1948 Italian Turin
8.        Remigio CASTRO 1946 Italian Turin
9.        Laura DELTON 1939 Italian Turin
10.    Giuseppe DEVECCHI 1943 Italian Lombardore
11.    Assunta DURIN 1943 Italian Turin
12.    Giovanni FILLI 1936 Italian Turin
13.    Anna Maria GENTI 1943 Italian Turin
14.    Angela Maria GRABAR 1948 Italian Turin
15.    Teodoro MAGGIO 1938 Italian Turin
16.    Bruna MAISANI 1943 Italian Turin
17.    Bruno MAISANI 1942 Italian Turin
18.    Jolanda MELON 1946 Italian Turin
19.    Pierina MITTON 1945 Italian Turin
20.    Sergio PARETI 1940 Italian Turin
21.    Celestina PEDRAZZINI 1911 Italian Turin
22.    Fioravante PERILLI 1939 Italian Turin
23.    Claudio RIZZELLO 1948 Italian Turin
24.    Giuseppe SINA 1939 Italian Turin
25.    Margherita SINA 1942 Italian Rivoli
26.    Renata SINA 1943 Italian Turin
27.    Teresa SORGINI 1943 Italian Turin
28.    Livia SOSSICH 1944 Italian Turin
29.    Marisa USILLA 1944 Italian Turin
30.    Aldo XILLOVICH 1937 Italian Turin

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