Federal Act on Registration. German law

Full citation: Federal Act on Registration of 3 May 2013 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1084), as last amended by Article 11 of the Act of 18 July 2017 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2745)

The Act was adopted by the Bundestag with the approval of the Bundesrat as Article 1 of the Act of 3 May 2013, I 1084. In accordance with Article 4, first sentence, in the version of Article 1 no. 3 of the Act of 20 November 2014, I 1738, it enters into force on 1 November 2015; in derogation from this provision, Sections 55 to 57 of the Act enter into force on 26 November 2014 in accordance with Article 4, second sentence in the version of Article 1 no. 3 of the Act of 20 November 2014, I 1738.

Chapter 1
General provisions

Section 1 Registration authorities
Section 2 Tasks and powers of the registration authorities
Section 3 Data storage
Section 4 Sorting criteria
Section 5 Purpose limitation
Section 6 Accuracy and completeness of the population register
Section 7 Confidentiality of registration data

Chapter 2
Rights of protection

Section 8 Legitimate interests of the data subject
Section 9 Rights of the data subject
Section 10 The data subject’s right to information
Section 11 Restrictions on information
Section 12 Correction and completion of data
Section 13 Data storage
Section 14 Deletion of data
Section 15 Storage and deletion of remarks
Section 16 Offering data to archives

Chapter 3
General registration requirements

Section 17 Registration, deregistration
Section 18 Certificate of registration
Section 19 Cooperation by the supplier of the residence
Section 20 Definition of residence
Section 21 Multiple residences
Section 22 Determining the principal residence
Section 23 Fulfilling the general requirement to register
Section 24 Data collection, confirmation of registration
Section 25 Cooperation by persons required to register
Section 26 Exemption from the registration requirement
Section 27 Exceptions to the registration requirement

Chapter 4
Special registration requirements

Section 28 Special registration requirements for sailors on inland waterways and the high seas
Section 29 Special registration requirement for commercial accommodations
Section 30 Special registration forms for commercial accommodations
Section 31 Restrictions on use
Section 32 Special registration requirement for hospitals, care homes and similar institutions

Chapter 5
Data transfer
Sub-chapter 1
Data transfer between public bodies

Section 33 Data transfer between registration authorities
Section 34 Data transfer to other public bodies
Section 35 Data transfer abroad
Section 36 Regularly occurring data transfers
Section 37 Disclosure of data
Section 38 Automated retrieval
Section 39 Procedures for automated retrieval
Section 40 Logging requirement for automated retrieval
Section 41 Purpose limitation on transferred data and remarks
Section 42 Data transfer to religious communities under public law
Section 43 Data transfer to tracing services

Sub-chapter 2
Information from the population register

Section 44 Basic information from the population register
Section 45 Additional information from the population register
Section 46 Group information
Section 47 Purpose limitation on information from the population register
Section 48 Information from the population register for public service broadcasters
Section 49 Automated information from the population register
Section 50 Information from the population register in special cases
Section 51 Blocks on releasing information
Section 52 Conditional block on releasing information

Sub-chapter 3
Witness protection

Section 53 Witness protection

Chapter 6
Administrative offences

Section 54 Provisions on administrative fines

Chapter 7
Other provisions, final provisions

Section 55 Regulatory powers of the Länder
Section 56 Authorization to issue statutory instruments
Section 57 Administrative provisions
Section 58 Reporting and evaluation

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