Poynings’ Law 1495

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Poynings’ Law 1495

1495 CHAPTER 22 10 Hen 7

An Act confirming all the Statutes made in England. Rot. Parl. cap. 39.

Forasmuch as there been many and diverse good and profitable statutes late made within England by great labour, studie, and policie, as well in the time of our sovereign lord the King, as in the time of his full noble and royal progenitors, late Kings of England, by the advise of his and their discreet counsail, whereby the said realm is ordered and brought to great wealth and prosperity, and by all likelyhood so would this land, if the said estatutes were used and executed in the same:

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1 Short title given by Short Titles Act (Northern Ireland) 1951 (c. 1)

[I.] Wherefore all estatutes, late made within England, concerning or belonging to the common and publique weal of the same, from henceforth be deemed good and effectuall in the law, and over that be acceptyd, used, and executed within Ireland in all points at all times requisite according to the tenor and effect of the same; and over that they and every of them be authorized, proved, and confirmed in Ireland. And if any estatute or estatutes have been made within this said land, hereafter to the contrary, they and every of them be adnulled, revoked, voyd, and of none effect in the law.

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