Grouped applications and multiple applicants (European Court of Human Rights)

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European Court of Human Rights

Where an applicant or representative lodges complaints on behalf of two or more applicants whose applications are based on different facts, a separate application form should be filled in for each individual, giving all the information required. The documents relevant to each applicant should also be annexed to that individual’s application form.

Where there are more than five applicants, the representative should provide, in addition to the application forms and documents, an electronic table setting out the required identifying details for each applicant.

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Where the representative is a lawyer, this table must be provided in electronic form (on a CD-ROM or memory stick).

Incases of large groups of applicants or applications, applicants or their representatives may be directed by the Registry to provide the text of their submissions or documents by electronic or other means. Other directions may be given by the Registry as to the steps required to facilitate the effective and speedy processing of applications.

Failure to comply with directions by the Registry as to the form or manner in which grouped applications or applications by multiple applicants are to be lodged may lead to the cases not being allocated for examination by the Court (see Rule 47 § 5.2).

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